May 24, 2012


We decided that after 6 months, our family needed a little down time and a chance to explore another part of Zimbabwe.  So we took off in a borrowed car to the northwest part of the country to Lake Kariba.  We had been told that the best time to go to Kariba is during this colder part of the year as it can get horribly hot during the summer months.  God gave us beautiful weather and we enjoyed ourselves immensely!  It was so nice to be together and see wild animals just outside our front door. 

We enjoyed high tea and lake breezes.

The boys LOVED swimming every day and they both are getting very close to swimming without floaties!  We have two little fish for boys :).  It was a wonderfully relaxing time. 

Here are some pictures of the lake and the animals that were just roaming around the cottages where we stayed! 
We could hear hippos grunting all night long.

This is Big Boy, the resident elephant. 

The lake was full of crocodiles.

Dontie's favorite time of the day was evening, watching the beautiful sunsets over the lake and the daily ritual of white birds covering a tree on an island in the lake.

Our family at the end of our much to short stay.  This is a termite hill just outside our cottage door!

As we drove home, we found this enormous baobab tree. 

Immediately after returning from our vacation, we moved up to our house from the guesthouse, and are in the process of settling and making it feel like home.  We thank God for the time away to rejuvinate as we head into a very busy season at Karanda.