September 29, 2012

Resilient MKs

How You Know When Your MKs (Missionary Kids) Have Acculturated?

1.  When the power is on, the first question out of their mouths is, "is this zesa (electricity) or generator?"

2.  They have learned NOT to flush the toilet after every use.

3.  They clap when receiving something (the sign of thanks here).

4.  Going somewhere, means walking, not the car!

5.  A trip down to the river is equivalent to a trip to the swimming pool.

6.  You overhear in their play, "let's go to Mr. Maguti's store!" (the local shop outside the compound)
instead of Target or Walmart.

7.  In their drawings, the trucks now bear the letters TM (our grocery store in Harare).

8.  What is McDonalds again?  We love Pizza Inn (the fast-food place we enjoy in Harare)!!

9.  It is a treat to get to ride in the car.

10.  They kick over rocks before picking them know, scorpions!

11.  Goat, chickens, donkeys, and cows are just a part of the normal day.

12.  The drink of choice is Mazowi (local sugary drink) over koolaid.

13.  "Where's the mosquito net?" when seeing a bed without one.

14.  The only time little Christopher knows is 10:00 because that's tea time!

15.  Baboons are old hat.

16.  Sitting through an hour of worship at church in Shona and Awana in Shona is all a part of a normal Sunday.

17.  Luke says everytime we drive through the bush, "Yeah for Africa!"