August 31, 2013

Through Another's Eyes

One wonderful thing about having visitors is seeing our life through their eyes. Often they pick up on things we have just come to see as normal. Dontie's parents and brother Nate were able to visit this month. We thought we'd share some glimpses into our life and surroundings that Nate captured on camera during his time here.

Everywhere you walk there are conversations to be had with those in the community. The culture here is very relationship oriented and it is rude to just walk by. Here are some guys working on our water system to draw water from the riverbed.

Precious water in the near-dry river. This is the area from which we will be drawing water once the pumps are up and running.

All of this is under water when the rains come. There is such a huge difference between our wet and dry seasons.

The water pump.

The sun is getting intense again as the heat returns.  We must wear sunscreen and sunhats to protect our skin.  Our hottest months are October and November, leading into the rainy season where it is still hot, but becomes more humid with the moisture.

Ladies carry everything on their heads.  Here is a load of laundry going down to the river to be washed.

The river crossing is always busy with trucks, little minibuses, and cattle carts bringing patients to the hospital.  This is one of the many who get stuck in the sand.

 Luke wears these red boots every day, despite the lack of mud or rain!

Uniforms are highly valued in Zimbabwe.  Every church denomination wears a different color uniform.  These were some ladies and kids who were on the minibus that got stuck in the sand.

Dontie's brother, Nate Edwards, enjoying our river.

A cattle cart. These are so common around this area and also are a big source of the injuries that come to our hospital doors.  Just this week, a young boy came to the hospital with his arm completely cut off by an accident in such a cart.

Dontie's parents enjoying time with the grandkids and meeting Leena for the first time!

One of our favorite parts of Africa are the awesome skies and gorgeous sunsets.  This was taken on a little vacation we took with Dontie's parents. The green grass was as much of a treat as about anything else!

Bath time fun with our little African princess!

Getting to share our life with family is such a joy and makes it hard to say goodbye knowing it will be awhile before we are together again.  This is a difficult part about being a missionary.