July 7, 2012

Semi Long-term Housing

Here are a few pictures of our home that we have moved into for the rest of our stay here.  We are at the top of the hill on the hospital compound, so we hear it has the best breeze when it gets so very hot here.  This is a duplex that once was the guesthouse a long time ago.  So we've moved from guesthouse to guesthouse!

The front entrance of our house.
Our door and the little flowerbed Dontie has been working on to get some color going.
The living room/dining room area.
The living room.
Our kitchen, very bright and spacious!

The master bedroom.

Hallway leading to all rooms.
The boys' bedroom.

View #2

The laundry room.  There is no water source into this room so all water must be carried in by bucket to the washing machine, and the used water emptied into the big black trash bucket.  I use this water then to water my plants or flush the toilet if we are having a water shortage.  One small load fills that black bucket!  Clothes are hand rinsed.  The drying rack is for anything you can't iron as we have flies that lay eggs on clothes out on the line, and so all things hung outside must be ironed.
The back of the house and clothesline.