May 3, 2013

Under Construction

The past two weeks have been exciting around Karanda.  Our hospital has been dealing with water issues and shortages for quite some time now, and we were finally able to get enough funds to have a new borehole drilled.  The boreholes we already have not only provide water for the hospital and the staff living on the compound, but also for the community around us who come in to collect water.  So we have struggled to have enough even to make it through half a day each day.  We are hoping that with a new borehole, we will be able to meet the growing needs and have enough water to make it through the dry season (which has now started and lasts through mid-November).  There was much excitement as a truck with an air compressor on it and the drilling "rig" came onto our compound!

Setting up to drill. Check out the HUGE air compressor in the truck by the tree! It was very loud!

A few of the spectators.  This was before the great cloud of rock dust erupted and everyone ran screaming!

This is just a little bit of the rock dust that was all over the compound.

The other exciting construction event was one of completion.  The new Male Ward had its opening day on Tuesday, April 30th.

 This has been a project in the making since 1980.  It was a need that never had sufficient funds to see it to fruition, until now.  Back in 1980, the then used male ward started meeting its limits in occupancy.  This has been a continuing problem over the past 30 years.  There were many who were praising God as the ribbon was cut signifying the opening of a beautiful new building.

The nurses' station.

Spacious and bright rooms

Of course we had to have an opening ceremony for the boys' room so that they too could cut a ribbon!

In our house there is always something under construction, whether that is legos, train tracks, or some sort of boat made out of beds and toy boxes.  On this day, we were superheros saving the people of Karanda from bugs and imaginary bad guys!

Leena Grace is now 2 1/2 months old.  She keeps growing and fills our house with coohs and great smiles.  She is a joy to us!

We are looking forward to the numbers of volunteers and work teams scheduled to come out over the next 2 months.  This will keep our compound very active and exciting!  Keep praying that our lives will show the construction God is doing in each of us and that we will remain a work in progress.  


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